A True Multidisciplinary Design Exploration Software

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A True Multidisciplinary Design Exploration Software

Find out more about how HEEDS helps you create better designs, faster.


HEEDS speeds up design exploration by automating analysis workflows, maximizing usage of computational resources, efficiently exploring solutions and then assessing the performance to ensure real world goals are met.

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Process Automation
HEEDS simplifies building virtual prototypes by:
● Combining internal or commercial simulation tools;
● Connecting bi-directionally to any geometry (CAD);
● Supporting synchronous or asynchronous execution;
● Robustly managing rebuilding of wide design variants.

An easy to use interface for automating workflows utilizes SHERPA to intelligently explore possible designs and quickly identify the best solution to meet your performance needs.
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Scalable Computation
HEEDS accelerates testing of virtual prototypes by:
● Supporting unlimited load cases;
● Providing three levels of parallelization;
● Orchestrating across platforms and operating systems;
● Leveraging efficient licensing schemes, HPCs, and clouds.

HEEDS allows efficient utilization of all hardware resources such as local, remote, cluster and cloud computing. For example, run CAD changes on your local machine, structural analysis on a server and CFD runs in parallel on a cluster.
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Efficient Search
HEEDS automates exploration of virtual prototype design space by:
● Requiring no model simplification, model fitting, or surrogates;
● Requiring no search algorithm expertise;
● Automatically selecting and tuning search strategy;
● Using hybrid, adaptive search to find good designs in few evaluations.

Simplify design exploration using your existing models no matter the complexity or number of parameters and constraints. SHERPA algorithm intelligently adjusts search strategies to find the best solution in the allotted time.
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Design Review
HEEDS helps engineers readily evaluate strengths of competing designs by:
● Identifying families of top performing designs;
● Indicating areas of lucrative design changes
● Providing full sensitivities to design variables to support design reviews;
● Allowing assessment of robustness.

HEEDS provide the tools to verify the sensitivity and robustness of you design and avoid failures before to manufacture.