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MDX Fundamentals

Find out how multidisciplinary simulation and design exploration can help to solve the toughest challenges that the automotive industry has to offer.


Not all engineering simulation tools are created equal. In order to provide a constant stream of relevant engineering data, simulation software must be able to meet certain key criteria.

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Multidisciplinary Simulation
The solution of complex industrial problems requires simulation tools that span a multitude of physical phenomena, which often can only be solved using techniques that cross several engineering disciplines. Real-world engineering problems do not separate themselves into convenient categories such as “aerodynamics”, “hydrodynamics”, “heat transfer” and “solid mechanics”. Only multidisciplinary engineering simulation can capture all of the relevant physics and allow you to predict their influence on the real-world performance of a product.
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Design Exploration
Engineering simulation allows engineers to see into the future, predicting the consequence of any design changes on the real-world performance of their products. More than that, simulation gives engineers the opportunity to glimpse “all possible futures,” exploring the performance of a product over the full range of operating conditions that it is likely to face in its working life, rather than just at a handful of carefully chosen “design conditions.”
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Used effectively, engineering simulation consistently delivers a high return on investment (ROI). It provides far more in terms of reduced development costs and increased product revenue than it costs to implement. In order to be practical in a financial sense, simulation software has to be based around a ‘design-exploration’-friendly model that allows engineers to deploy simulations on as many processors as they can lay their hands on, without having to worry about artificial licensing limits imposed by their software vendor and their finance department.
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Dedicated Support
In order to be successful, an engineer should have ready access to a community of simulation experts, and ideally an established relationship with a dedicated support engineer who not only understands the engineer’s problems, but can also access the right expert help whenever needed.
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Backed by Experts
An uncomfortable truth about modern engineering is that there really are no easy problems left to solve. In order to design truly innovative products, engineers are often “pushing back the boundaries of the possible”. This is something that is difficult to achieve in isolation, and often requires the assistance of experts from outside of an individual engineer’s immediate personal area of expertise. Our software solutions are backed by an international Engineering Services team that can provide assistance in solving the most difficult problems industry has to offer.