Generating Performance Improvements

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Generating Performance Improvements

Find out how multidisciplinary simulation and design exploration can help to solve the toughest challenges that the automotive industry has to offer.


STAR-CCM+ is the only simulation tool that allows you to make a complete digital twin of your proposed vehicle design, and predict exactly how it will behave under a full range of operating conditions

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Our tools are the most used in the industry for simulating the full thermal environment of the vehicle including component temperatures and full three dimensional modeling of coolant and lubricant networks. STAR-CCM+ is the only tool that lets you represent the full complexity of your vehicle underhood and underfloor systems.

By optimizing the aerodynamic performance of your vehicle from early in the design process, you can minimize the amount of fuel required to overcome aerodynamic resistance, and also reduce the impact of its acoustic signature on passengers and pedestrians. STAR-CCM+ has adjoint and morphing capabilities that guide you through making intelligent design decisions.

Design exploration using STAR-CCM+ and HEEDS allows you to ensure that passengers in your vehicle remain comfortable across a complete range of environmental conditions. Our bio-regulated mannequins allow you to predict how a passenger would feel in a given scenario. Defrost and demist models ensure that visibility is consistently maintained.

STAR-CCM+ allows you to protect passengers and sensitive components from the thermal radiation emitted from hot gases in the vehicle exhaust system.

Together, STAR-CD and STAR-CCM+ offer the world’s most comprehensive toolkit for simulating the performance and behavior of internal combustion engines from intake to after-treatment, allowing you to design clean and efficient engines that don’t compromise performance.