Realizing Innovation in Life Sciences


Realizing Innovation in Life Sciences

Find out how the groundbreaking capabilities offered by multidisciplinary simulation and design exploration are changing the face of life sciences.


Our innovative productivity tools and effective solutions are tailored for biomedical and pharmaceutical engineers, and enable them to effortlessly discover better medicines, design superior products and significantly improve patient outcome.

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Through simulation-based product development and virtual prototyping, STAR-CCM+ allows you to predict device and drug performance and to drive innovative designs, bringing superior products to market quickly and at reduced costs, and resulting in fewer invasive procedures.

Numerical Diagnostics is aimed at finding the cause of a disease, predicting its progression and making treatment decisions through simulations. STAR-CCM+ can be used to provide key diagnostic help in hospitals, and assist doctors in making difficult clinical decisions.

STAR-CCM+ is a game changer for continuous manufacturing applied to active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), leading to shortened product-process development cycles, reduced energy requirements, better quality products and shorter time-to-market.