Generating Performance Improvements


Generating Performance Improvements

Find out how multidisciplinary simulation and design exploration can help to solve the toughest challenges that the marine industry has to offer.


STAR-CCM+ allows full-scale CFD simulations of vessels under real operating conditions and empowers designers to innovate, opening the door to better, more efficient vessel designs.

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STAR-CCM+ and EHP allow you to predict the resistance of a ship, at full scale or model scale, including dynamically changing sink and trim. Once the simulation is built, the workflow can be automated to test the model in a variety of realistic sea-states, or through self-propelled maneuvers.

STAR-CCM+ easily copes with the complex geometry of the topside structure of a vessel, allowing you to perform aerodynamic simulations. These can help improve the performance of the superstructure and ensure engine emissions and other pollutants disperse as desired.

Rather than “towing” your digital twin using prescribed motion, STAR-CCM+ allows you to explicitly model your propulsion system, including the interaction between rotating propellers and the flow around the hull, and where necessary predicts the onset and influence of cavitation.

Using overset mesh technology, STAR-CCM+ allows you to predict how your vessel will perform under realistic and extreme sea conditions. This includes slamming and sloshing simulations at full scale, removing the need to apply scaling approximations and thus producing more accurate loads for structural analyses.