Engineering Services

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The Siemens PLM Software engineering services team is dedicated to delivering immediate solutions to your toughest engineering problems, from enabling you to expand your engineering capabilities with on-off solutions to developing custom tools designed for your specific needs.

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Engineering Services

Maximize Your Simulation Investment

Siemens PLM Software Engineering Services is a dedicated group of experienced experts across many fields providing simulation and consulting services to tackle your most challenging engineering problems. Our consulting services include complete simulation project outsourcing, on-site engagement and process improvement, optimization and automatization with our software solutions and tailored custom tools. Whether you are a tech start-up or one of the largest global players in your industry, our engineering services can help you reduce turnaround time, cost and maximize the output of your simulation process making sure you get the most out of your simulation investment.

Analysis and Design Services
Whether you have no simulation capability at all, or are an experienced user needing assistance with a project backlog, we are here to help you reaching your goals. Benefit from our team of dedicated and experienced engineers to achieve fast turnaround and timely project delivery. We work in close cooperation with you to meet your unique needs in compliance with your operational requirements and company policies. Our engineers are available either as on-site experts directly embedded in your engineering environment or as cost effective off-site solution where our engineers work remotely using the software and hardware at our facility at no extra cost.

Process Improvement
For simulation to be a useful tool in the engineering design process, predictions must be delivered on time, every time. A late simulation result is not much better than no result at all.  Ideally, simulation should generate a constant stream of data that guides and informs the design process through every decision. This is only possible when the simulation process is a robust and automated one. We understand that every customer has unique needs and requirements when it comes to automating their simulation process. Our custom tools provide software solutions around STAR-CCM+ tailored to your needs. Let our expert team build a high-fidelity solution for your specific process and let you benefit from efficient workflows significantly cutting down turnaround time and cost.
In addition, our goal is to continuously expand your simulation capabilities. Are you interested in standardizing workflows, developing new methodologies, design optimization, or have need to simulate a new field of physics but are not sure how to do it? Let us do a project with you and we will provide transparent technology transfer, including documentation development and formal training of your staff to give your company the tools to succeed, and get the greatest value from using simulation for analysis and design.  Use us to help get your staff up to speed and support your company’s growth, keeping you ahead of the curve.

Computing Resources
You are struggling with limited computing resources and have a high-peak need? No reason to panic. Have us run your simulations on our network of high-speed computing clusters and help manage input and output.

Case Studies

See how our customers have been collaborating with Engineering Services to generate design improvements and stay ahead in the innovation race.